Sustainable Care for Lasting Shirts

After you have finally found your perfect shirt, it’s only natural you want it to look like new for as long as possible. This short guide will help you take care of your garments and make them last longer, while minimising the impact on the environment.

  1. Always wash the shirt according to its individual care label. We have a handy post about reading them here →
  2. Fully unbutton and turn your shirt inside out. Do not forget to remove the collar stays! This reduces the chances of the garment losing its shape, and helps preserve the colour and texture of smooth fabrics.
  3. Avoid hand-washing shirts. Delicate fabrics don’t respond well to mechanical rubbing.
  4. Try not to overfill or underfill the washing machine: the former prevents the clothes from washing properly, and the latter can interfere with rinsing, as knowing how much detergent to use becomes difficult. Residual detergent in the garment might cause staining, discomfort, and skin irritation. It also does not help shirts last.
  5. Use mild liquid detergents to preserve the texture of the fabric.
  6. Wash shirts separately from other garments, especially ones with brushed, “fluffy” fibres, such as jerseys and socks, to prevent lint from sticking to the smooth fabrics.
  7. Always wash the white shirts separately from coloured ones; it will help them stay white much longer. Avoid bleach - it may damage the fibres and have a reversed effect in the long run.
  8. Wash the shirts at 30-40oC to save energy and minimise heat heat exposure of the fabric and the natural buttons. This helps prevent untimely wear and tear.
  9. Use a low spin or permanent press setting prevent wrinkles and any misshaping of the garment.
  10. Do not tumble dry the shirts - it uses a lot of energy, makes ironing more difficult, and shortens the lifespan of the fabric and buttons.
  11. It is best to take the clothes out of the washing machine as soon as the programme has finished.
  12. Hang the shirts on individual hangers, buttoned up (especially the collar!), and let air dry. This minimises the need to iron, which is always a bonus. Slightly stretch the front placket, cuffs and collar to shape them.
  13. Iron the shirts on a cotton setting, with steam if necessary. See our handy tips for hassle free ironing →