Oxford Fabric

Oxford is a mid-weight cotton fabric, woven in a plain weave or basket weave. This means that an equal number of warp and weft yarns are interchanged to create the fabric structure.

The yarns in an Oxford fabric are typically thicker, and are woven together more loosely than in other dress shirt fabrics. This gives the garment a “chunkier” feel, and makes Oxford the perfect material for more casual and sporty styles, often with a button-down collar. Some types of Oxford can be made from double twisted yarn, giving the fabric an opacity and natural sheen that are sought-after in formal shirts.

Oxford shirts are a pleasure to wear. They are soft and breathable, and can be a great alternative to linen in the summer. Like linen, however, they are a bit tough to iron when dry, so it’s a good idea to iron them straight out of the washer and leave them to finish drying on a hanger.