Our Promise

We develop every garment we sell by ourselves. We do not rely on external designers, remote manufacturers, or brokers. This allows us to be present and involved in every stage of production, and test the garment countless times before it reaches the warehouse shelf. Our process is about listening to the needs of those who will be wearing our tailoring.

We can promise you that every Arthur Shirtley® garment you purchase has been tested for comfort, resilience, and functionality. Each of our products, as well as its packaging, has been manufactured in factories in the European Union that we have personally inspected. We currently work with suppliers in the United Kingdom, Italy, Lithuania, and the Czech Republic that create jobs for local communities, adhere to stringent environmental policies, and provide safe working conditions and fair wages to their workers. We use natural materials and trims that we source directly from our European suppliers. Meanwhile, for any raw materials that cannot be procured in Europe, we are continuously working with our partners to achieve transparent and responsible sourcing.

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