Jacquard Fabric

Jacquard weaving allows virtually any loom to systematically raise independent warp threads to create a textured pattern. Fabrics woven in this technique carry the same name and can be produced from a variety of fibres, ranging from silk to polyester.

Jacquard fabrics are used in a multitude of ways in fashion, and their characteristics vary depending on what yarns are used to weave the fabric. The most distinct feature of almost all jacquard fabrics is a pattern mirrored on the reverse of the fabric. This allows designers to use both sides of the pattern as face.

Lightweight cotton jacquard is used to make dress shirts, as it is supple, creases less than oxford or poplin, and has endless potential in its patterns. This makes jacquard a perfect fabric for people who want to inject more personality into their closet.

Jacquards require a lot of love if you want them to wear and look their best. It is very important to be mindful not to pull on threads, which is easy to do because of the looser nature of the weave. It also may cause fabric to shrink more easily, so the coldest possible temperature (30℃ or Cold) is the way to go if you choose to machine wash. It is better not to hand wash this type of fabric as mechanical friction can damage it. Jacquards can be dry cleaned too, as well as ironed on a cool setting.