Flannel Fabric

Flannel is a velvety fabric, usually made from wool or cotton. Flannels are woven in a twill or plain weave, but it is hard to tell the difference visually, because flannel has a soft “fuzz” (nape) on one or both sides of the fabric. Flannel can also be brushed, and this process gives the fabric extra smoothness.

In the shirt world, everyone is familiar with plaid flannel shirts, but the fabric can also be used for different things, depending on the type. The use of flannel is common in children’s apparel because of its softness. It is also used as lining in garments, for added warmth. Coats and suits are typically made from wool flannel.

Flannel shirts are usually more casual, but they are a lovely addition to a wardrobe in winter months or if you live in a colder climate. 100 % cotton flannel is usually used to make shirts, but sometimes it can be a blend of cotton and wool or even cashmere, to bring a little bit of luxury and warmth to this humble fabric.

Flannel is prone to shrinking; take this into account when buying a garment, because even pre-treated fabrics of this kind may shrink. When it comes to taking care of your flannel item, a few things should be kept in mind to help it stay soft. Mild detergents help to keep the fabric supple, as well as keeping the water temperature the same (40°C) throughout the washing cycle. Iron your shirts on medium heat, with steam and on the reverse side. Wool flannels should be dry-cleaned.