Our Story

We are Artie and Eddie, co-founders of Arthur Shirtley. For over a decade, we have been working together on projects spanning advertising, publishing, marketing, and fashion.

After five years in fashion retailing, we have found ourselves frustrated by the inner workings of the industry, which seemed oblivious to the clients’ needs. We set out to make a difference, creating tailoring that would not force any compromises on the wearer, combining comfort, precise fitting, quality materials, and responsible manufacturing.

What We Do

We create extraordinary shirts for fascinating people. Our mission is to develop garments that are a sensual experience for the wearer, and have lasting value beyond the fleeting trends.

Our Collections

We believe in building an aesthetic that is not androgynous, but egalitarian, where common themes and textures permeate his and hers lines in distinctly feminine and masculine silhouettes. Clean-cut styles that celebrate the beauty of the natural materials are our specialty.

Our Ethos

We believe style is a deliberate and responsible choice, and everything about our working practices should reflect this. That is why we work exclusively with European suppliers, sourcing all of our materials directly, and tailoring all our garments in small, state-of-the-art factories that we have personally inspected.

Through respectful working processes, we deliver extraordinary quality – stitch by stitch.