What’s coming next

Consider this the New Year’s resolution post that was long overdue :)

Last year was very eventful, especially when it comes to operations management. We went from doing everything ourselves, to hiring people to do some of the work, to doing things ourselves again. The jury is still out on what is better, but let’s put it this way: if you are chatting to customer support on our website, that’s me.

Printed floral silk scarfOne of the scarf designs, coming in the new collection

More creativity

More importantly, we decided that we should allow ourselves to be more creative, so we are bringing more versatile shirts into our next collection. We are talking prints, flannels, and jersey shirts.

The print patterns are made exclusively by yours truly, based on the archive pieces we found in Italy (more on that here). This means that these prints are not available anywhere else but from Arthur Shirtley.

More products

We are also bringing in new products to complement our shirts and tailoring. This took a lot of leg work, and was over a year in the making, but here is what we have to offer:

  • Badass coats (100% wool from Austria)
  • Printed scarves (100% silk and wool blend from Italy)
  • Socks (Blended cotton from Portugal)
  • Sleepwear (100% cotton from Czechia)


Truth be told, we don’t want to overproduce (anymore ;)), and then run around selling our products at ridiculous discounts. Instead, we will give the best price possible right from the start to you guys, when you pre-order our products. It will take some time for us to deliver the product, but in the end, you get more bang for the buck, we don’t sit on our stock, and the factories do not overproduce.


Okay, this one is the toughest, because you definitely cannot outsource it. Believe me, I tried. From now on, I will live on Instagram and post on a regular basis to keep you up to date about what is going on with the brand, and share a bit of personal stuff. Some of the longer pieces and news will be posted here, in the blog.

Trade fairs & Pop-ups

We will start meeting more people outside of the Interwebs. For starters, we are at Pure London at the Kensington Olympia next month. Feel free to come say hi between the 11th and 13th of February, at stand A107.
Also, we have decided to embrace the hipster co-working trend, and got ourselves desks at WeWork Moorgate. If you are a WeWorker, do reach out to us, and let’s grab a coffee. Some time soon, we will have a pop-up there too!

Does this sound like a plan?



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