• With so many great things going on in London at any one time, and so much work to do before you can even think about anything else, you can be forgiven for not taking full advantage of our city’s cultural calendar. That being said, it’s handy to know what’s on and, more importantly, what’s good,... View Post
  • “Why would I invest a lot of money in something I wear every day? It won’t last me more than a couple of months anyway!” This is the argument I hear time and time again from men who wear formal attire at the office. All too often, when we are required to stick to a dress code, we don’t feel like... View Post
  • “It is the sixth season. I hadn’t thought about it that way.” Fotis Karageorgiou meets us on the shaded terrace of The Barrel in Nydri harbour. The village of 800 people on Lefkas Island, off the West coast of Greece, would not strike you as the perfect place to start a restaurant in a looming f... View Post
  • So, you’ve accepted an invitation to speak at an event. If you are like most human beings, and can already feel the ants crawling down your, you know, at the mere thought of it, my sincere condolences. According to research, many of us fear engaging an audience more than we fear meeting our make... View Post
  • The thing about New Year's resolutions is, the trend has gotten slightly out of control. As we all broadcast our lives on social media, it's apparently no longer OK to go for the classics such as "quit smoking" and "get fit". The number of inspirational posts and online tools helping you come up ... View Post